Liquid soil improver and organic plant growth stimulator with a unique formulation of potassium humate containing humic and fulvic acids, combined with natural adjuvants.

It affects the fertility of the soil by

  • creating a lumpy soil structure, improving air-water relations,
  • reduces the risk of drought by increasing water capacity,
  • reduces leaching of nutrients and retains them in the root zone,
  • supports the decomposition of post-harvest (organic) residues,
  • maintains the level of caries,
  • causes increased absorption of solar energy, and thus better thermal properties,
  • supports the development of beneficial microorganisms

Product characteristics

The product favorably changes the thermal parameters of the soil. It stimulates the life processes of soil organisms and plants, and accelerates the decomposition of crop residues and soil pollutants.
  • increases the water capacity of the soil,
  • increases the ability to exchange cations contained in the topsoil,
  • regulating their release. It helps to maintain the optimum pH of the soil
Humic acids contained in the product are produced in the process of extraction of Leonardites – the richest source of humic substances in nature.

Product features


It has a positive effect on the yield


Improves the quality of the crop


Increases the growth of the above-ground weight of plants


Increases the degree of development of hair roots


Unlocks micronutrients in the soil


Increases the natural resistance of plants to diseases


  • Humic acids - 13.5% (m/m)
  • Fulvic acids - 1.5% (m/m)
  • Potassium (K2O) - 2.8% (m/m)
  • Organic carbon (C org) - 20% (m/m)

Application recommendations

Vegetables in the ground and under covers from seedlings and sowing 5-7.5l/ha And application immediately after planting or sowing seeds II application 2-3 weeks after sowing seeds or planting seedlings
Winter and spring cereals, rapeseed, sugar beet, corn, potato 5-10l/ha And application immediately after sowing and/or planting II application in the phase of 2-3 true leaves

Packaging available

1 l
5 l
20 l
1000 l
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