PhytoChikol Calcium


Innovative liquid calcium fertilizer combined with a natural plant elicitor – liquid chitosan and ionized silver.

Impact on the prevention and reduction of plant diseases

  • gray mold in greenhouse tomato cultivation
  • bacterial spotting of tomato in crops under cover
  • dry top rot
  • curling tomato leaves
  • sclerotia rot in greenhouse cucumber cultivation
  • angular blotch of cucumber in crops under cover
  • gray mold in strawberry cultivation

Product characteristics​

The preparation is used to supplement with calcium in the phases of strong demand of plants for this nutrient, while inducing resistance against fungal, bacterial and viral diseases, in field crops and under covers. It reduces physiological diseases caused by calcium deficiency and increases the natural resistance of plants to biotic and abiotic stresses.

Product features​


The synergistic effect of chitosan hydrochloride, calcium and silver ions reduces the susceptibility of plants to diseases,


Reduces physiological diseases caused by calcium deficiency and increases the natural resistance of plants to biotic and abiotic stresses,


Stimulates the secretion of phytoalexins, which reduces susceptibility to bacterial, fungal and viral diseases,


It has a positive effect on the condition of plants in unfavorable environmental conditions,


Helps to reduce the use of chemical plant protection products,


The preparation is safe and leaves no residue.


  • Calcium (CaO) - 12.0% (m/m)
  • Chitosan hydrochloride - 15 g/kg
  • Ionized silver - 20 mg/kg

Application recommendations

Plant Rate l/ha Amount of water in L Number of apps Use date
Apples, Pears 3-5 300-500 2-6 From the beginning of flowering and every 7-14 days thereafter
Cherry, Cherry, Plum 3-5 300-500 3 From start of vegetation to harvest
Strawberry, Raspberry 2-3 300-500 3-4 Every 7-14 days from the beginning of flowering
Tomato, Cucumber, Carrot, Parsley, Chinese cabbage, Head cabbage 3-5 300-500 3 2 weeks after seedling planting, then two treatments 14 days apart
Winter rape 2-3 200-300 2-3 Autumn after the first leaves are formed and in the spring after the start of vegetation
Potato 2-3 200-300 3-4 In the phase of 4-6 leaves, before closing the rows at intervals of 10 days
Beetroot  2-3 200-300 2-3 In the phase of 4-6 leaves before closing the rows
Cereals winter 2-3 200-300 2 In the tillering and shoot phase

Packaging available

5 l
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