About us

Welcome to Poli-Farm

We produce preparations based on chitosan and other bioactive polymers of natural origin. The substances we produce are used in human supplementation and in the cultivation of plants for the production of healthy and safe food. We work with the health of people and healthy wholesome food in mind. We have our own patents, recipes and processing methods.
We have over 20 years of experience in the production of natural plant elicitors, biostimulators and innovative organic and mineral fertilizers. We also produce natural dietary supplements for humans. We make continuous efforts to improve our recipes in order to ensure full satisfaction of our customers. The effectiveness of our products has been confirmed by scientific research and experience in leading scientific institutes in Poland.

We are also a manufacturer of products based on our recipes for private labels of domestic distributors and exporters.

We invite you to cooperate, The Management Board of Poli-Farm Sp. z o.o.